My family and I really enjoyed discover the dinosaurs. My kids were begging me to go, and I cracked. It was definitely worth it, though. I personally thought the exhibit was informative and had interesting tid-bits that I never knew about dinosaurs(not that I knew much about them to begin with). The exhibit didn't exactly pull the attention of my 3 and 4 year olds, at least not as much as the bounce houses, but they liked the moving dinosaurs and the sounds, and I thought the lighting and mood made the exhibit really feel like we were back in time. My 9 year old found the exhibit "awesome", he read all the signs and watched all the videos, and I swear he pushed all the buttons for the moving dinosaurs at least a million times. We also enjoyed the dino dig, where my oldest decided he wanted to be a fossil collector, and my boys all got their faces painted, which looked pretty cool I must say. The show was a bit pricey, but my children and I had a really good time, and we walked away with some good stories and happy memories, not to mention some hilarious(and some rather scary) pictures. If the show rolls through our town again, I think my kids will be bouncing off the walls with excitement!

quote Nancy K.

was amazing

While reading some of the reviews they must not have been at the same show as we were. daughter wrote a report about dinosaurs in second grade so to see what they learned In school come alive was amazing. She was so excited to read even more information about each Dino that we saw. Defamatory learning experience. Loved how they had us walk through a scavenger hunt, which made us learn even more. If that was not enough she loved mining and panning. We spent almost 4 hours the and even after we left she was kicking and screaming

quote Mike R.

Well worth the money

What a great event this was. Well worth the money. On top of that they had the best crew ever, so helpful, friendly and polite. Buffalo has got to love the dinosaurs!

quote Patricia S.

Our Grandsons had a wonderful time

We went to the York show today and had a great time. We bought our tickets online, arrived right when it opened and went right in. We were able to enjoy all the displays and do all of the activities. Our Grandsons had a wonderful time...

quote Kimberly H.

was the best day ever!!

Thanks for coming to Spokane!! We had a BLAST at the show on Friday!! My kids had the most wonderful time. They kept saying it "was the best day ever!!" I had a great time too just watching my kids being so happy and were thrilled with the exhibit. They did everything: the panning for fossils, the bounce houses, the digging, the golf, the dino rides..etc. I myself enjoyed the robotic dinosaurs as well, it was really cool, I thought they did a great job on the exhibit. hought the dino store was great too with lots of cool dinos toys! I think my kids could've stayed there forever ! LOL It was perfect. I only wish that we had not forgotten the special photo I purchased with the T-rex 'attacking ' us. ( which by the way was a really cute idea) We were practically the last to leave the event on Friday. This was a really fun event, and anyone who has kids who love dinosaurs is going to love this event. For me it was definitely worth it! I hope the dinosaurs make it back here again someday!

quote Maria B.

Smiling Kids

Thank you for coming to Fresno, I hope you return next year!
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kids smiling review
quote Denise S.

Whole family had a blast

We went to Discover the Dinosaurs in Monroe, Louisiana today and the whole family had a blast! My son loved all the dinosaurs and other fun activities you had to offer! We will be going back if you come to town again!

dino head review
quote Katie R.

it was awesome

Thank you so much for coming to SLC, UT. It was awesome and my kids had a blast!

quote Miy S.

he's so excited!!

My son Adam is 12 & autistic. He is soooo excited that your exhibit is coming here!! Adam knows more about dinosaurs than the professors that teach the classes. He's a genius!! Thank you so much for making his week!! I told him today that we were going & he can't sit still he's so excited!!

quote T Felton.

Very informative!

Very fun... ...will remember forever. Very informative!

quote S. King
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